Merries Nappies Replaced Cloth Diapers for Us

The softness was incredible. I really couldn’t feel much of a difference between the Merries and cloth diapers, and when I first held one in my head I was just a touch annoyed that I had been washing poop filled diapers for so many months. I know I’m not quite as Earth conscious as I should be, but the stress relief of having the Merries nappies makes me a much better mother and that’s far more important to me right now.

The moment of truth was when I took the first Merries nappy off and inspected my daughter’s skin for any bad reactions. I was happier than I could have imagined to see that she was completely fine. I was equally delighted that she was still dry, which is a nice side effect of the nappies. They do a great job of pulling the moisture away from her skin so she has no trouble sleeping through the night and wakes up feeling just fine.

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