Buy Japanese nappies in Perth

Good news! Our first stock has arrived!

We are proud to introduce to you Supreme quality nappies from Japan. Yes, world-famous Japanese nappies are coming to Perth.

Japanese nappies to buy in Australia and New Zealand (Merries, Moony, Goo.N)

Merries, Goon and Moony. All sizes, normal and for swimming. 

A few words about products we love:

Merries diapers, which are produced for internal market of Japan, do not hold down baby's moves, prevent inflammation and irritation of soft and sensitive baby's skin. Thin, incredibly mild and qualitative diapers.

Moony diapers are treated like one of the best. Natural, organic materials and unsurpassed quality in addition to 100% absorbing, what makes Moon diapers the best.

In 2011 goods of Goo.n trade mark are recognized as the best items for baby care, according to opinion of parents.

The original design of the microporous material used in the nappies gives them a superb level of breathability and the effect of absolutely dry skin. The nappy's inner surface is made of a soft cotton, which carefully protects the baby's tender skin from any irritation. Designed exactly to the shape of baby's buttocks, the nappies have a tight contact with the skin and as a result give a child an absolute freedom of movement. The indicator of fullness will always let the mother know when it’s time to change the nappy. As it gets filled, the 3 stripes change their colour to blue.

Buy it offline at Baby+ Westfield Whitford City OR buy it online at

We deliver Japanese nappies all around Australia and New Zealand.

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