Moony Nappies Are Simply Better

Before my son was born I used to roll my eyes at parents complaining about nappies and how difficult it was to find the right kind. I couldn’t fathom that one brand would be immensely different from another, but anyone that’s had children knows it can be a world of difference and I quickly learned just how true that was when my son turned out to have sensitive skin and was constantly irritated by the supermarket diapers we were using. It wasn’t until a friend recommended Moony nappies that I learned how different a well made nappy can be from the cheap kind.

I can’t decide what I like most about them, but I was genuinely surprised that the fit is so much better with Moony nappies. It seems like such a simple thing, but they really do cling like a second skin and since they’re so soft and comfortable it’s not new2the slightest bit irritating to him. Plus, the good fit means there’s no leakage so there’s a lot less stress when it comes to worrying about him making a mess. I don’t have to think about the Moony nappies slipping off either, even if he’s pulling on them.

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